Sunday, November 29, 2009

4 months

This vacation would be a whole lot better if I was getting paid more and knew that I'd still be working at the end of it.

Thanksgiving was ... not horrible.

Monday, November 2, 2009

So much for that

They went with someone else. My contracting agency called me at 2ish to tell me that they liked me but the guy after me was better qualified.

Drinking tonight.

Job Interview

I interview at KCTCS this morning. It went well but not perfect. I was able to talk about a lot of good things and was able to make them laugh even if I wasn't able to answer every one of their questions.

The money is about 9 grand less than I was making but I'd get SQL expereince and any money and work are better than no money and no work.

In the mean time I can keep looking.

Delightful vitrol or troll fodder

When can we be vitriolic on the interwebs and have it not be food for trolls? How can we be hyperbolicly critical without being rightfully called a troll ourselves. I find it very therapeutic to vent my spleen into the anonymous void of the internet but am forever worried that if I do it somewhere very public that I will, instead of garnering giggles, be prompting cyber-malcontents to shit in the forum. And while a certain amount of hypocrisy is fun and funny I don't think I would like to lose what little credibility I have by lambasting trolls while at the same time making monstrous comments about other subjects? I guess it is time for me to go out and find somebodies guide to the subject of internet posting.

We've all had this thought

Why is it that 364 days of the year we tell kids that they shouldn't talk to strangers and to never accept candy from them but at the ass end of October we encourage them to disguise themselves and then do just that.

What power must a halloween mask grant unto its wearer that it can make safe this other wise risky behavior?

Sunday, November 1, 2009

3 months

I have a job interview monday for a community college that I don't really want. It's not helpful to my career and I'm doubting that I'll enjoy the work. The only reason I'm going is because I have to and the money is more than unemployment.

My girlfriend and I broke up. We decided that we were better friends than whatever we were. We got on each others nerves and shouted at each other on a regular basis. We weren't going anywhere or if we were we weren't going their together.

I'm tired again.