Sunday, June 10, 2012

Nearly a year

Wow. so this blog is dead. nearly a year since I said anything.

I'm still in the desert which I have decided is more like a parking lot. I'm working night shift for GD; which isn't bad but isn't challenging. I still don't have any real friends here. I'm in a pretty deep rut that isn't really good for me.

I just got back from Washington DC. Walked a bunch all over. Saw a bunch of stuff. Got to see Anna and Will. It made me really happy and really sad at the same time. I love seeing my friends but seeing them reminds me of how much I miss them.

Grandma H died. I'm happy she isn't trapped in her body any more. Both Mom and Dad said that they didn't expect me to show up and were insistent that it wouldn't be prudent to fly out. What the fuck is that about. Funerals aren't about prudence. they are about getting together to be there for each other and remind everyone that while you've lost one person you still have many others in your life. It kinda felt like they didn't want me to be there; which doesn't sound right but you know how feelings are.

I discovered dubstep some time ago and have added it to my list of music I like. I like Skrillix and DadA life. There is a bunch out there. The weirdest is DJ Pon3; basically people post a still picture of a My Little Pony (not sure of the name) and put some Dub behind it. It's a strange anarchist collective where each person claims to be the "Real" or "Original" DJ Pon3. It occupies this weird piece of fan space that Hasbro hasn't sued yet. Since they aren't Hasbro and haven't been sanctioned by Hasbro I can't see how any of them are real or original but whatever. Some (the better ones) just plaster the image of their own set lists but others are dubstepping the My little pony show which is strange.

Our Old Lady Discord is still running through me. There is a lot of insane things out in the world and they make me laugh and encourage me to keep on going.

I joined a Gold's Gym two nights ago. I haven't gone yet and I am already regretting the choice. I hope I can find some willingness to go. I'd really like to be skinnier and I know it would make me feel better.

I've had some amazing dreams. Last night I was attacked by a Griffon while driving my car home. It landed on the roof of my car while I was driving and punched it's head through my sunroof. It wanted me to come with it because it needed to take me to "She who came first"; The First Griffon, immortal mother and progenitor of the race. It had used a dragons scale to track me down. It was very rude and insistent that I would go "if the ignorant monkey knew what was good for it". I argued rather circuitously that the only way I could comply was if it let me ride it which was personally distasteful to any of the proud griffon race. Seeing that it had no other choice, and somewhat confused by my logic, it let me ride it back to a castle carved into a mountain. It didn't realize that I was a Dragon, that the scale was mine, that I was more than capable of flying, or that with minimal effort I could have destroyed it. It just knew that "She" had given it the talisman and that the scale would guide it to me and that it must do whatever it could to retrieve me. There were some other things in there; Dragon scales were once used to seal pacts in memory of a time when real Dragons would act as arbiters over all disagreements had by all the races of earth. She who came first and I knew each other well. She had done me a great service centuries in the past and I had signed a promise, on my own scale no less, to return the favor when asked it of me. I think at some point all dragons had been wise, kind, and lawful to the extreme but something happened so that they were no longer bound in such a manner. This change meant that dragons changed and began to become very different. This division turned dragons against each other and that led to wars that spanned the globe and destroyed practically everything.