Friday, December 28, 2007

I'm a Heratic

I have committed heresy.  I have defaced an image of Eris.

Eris defacedEris with a face

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Another MindFuck

1. go to a park with a friend.
2. hold a paper "Finish" tape across a path.
3. urge people to run though it.
4. Don't explain even if they run through the tape.


I understand now

I've heard Jews commiserate about Christmas time out shining Hanukkah and being so pervasive that they can't get away from it. I didn't really think about it but having just gone through Christmas and not being a christian I think I can understand. There is this sense that they are unknowingly shoving their religion down your throat. I find the fervor with which some  pray disconcerting if not disturbing.  Some seem to include me along with their prayer as in "God, we all hope that you will ..." or "Thank you so much for <variable> us". I find it difficult not to speak up and express myself but I think in some places it might get me lynched.  "Actually I'm not sure God did anything for me regarding that and I'm certain that we brought ourselves together with out any divine aide" might just be recorded as my last words.

It kinda gives me this dead feeling inside like "Oh we're praying again are we?". I understand why they do it if it brings them comfort but that level of dependence says something about a person. It's just creepy.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Who are Ron Paul Supporters?

I'm a 29 year old Systems Administrator from Kentucky with a Computer Science degree from UK. I'm single and not any particular religion. I was a registered Democrat but switched to Republican so I could vote in the primaries for Ron Paul.

I'm concerned that well financed special interests will lobby for more laws eroding freedom, that we will lose our sovereignty to foreign governments like the UN, that socialization of necessary services will bankrupt the lower and middle classes, and that our fiat money system is headed toward collapse making this country weak.

I've donated $400 to Ron Paul in the hopes that he will remove the laws that are preventing people from governing themselves. I want to make the choice as to how my money is spent and who gets it. I'm tired of lying politicians scaring people into giving away my freedom for the illusion of their safety. I want what everyone of us wanted when we were teenagers; to be responsible for myself and free to make my own decisions. I want to live my life the way I want to not how people who don't know me want me to.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Todays thought

"Contrary to popular belief there ARE enough hours in the day; you just have to steal them from the night"

Sunday, December 16, 2007

A civilized city once again.

You can now buy booze on Sunday in Lexington.  The law has taken effect, and strangely enough I haven't molested anyone, gotten in a fight, or run anyone over as is mostly likely expected by the Pro-Christians and MADD people.

Ron Paul!

Well Ron Paul made it.  He was driving to get 12$ for the 4th quarter.  He is at 15.3 mill as of now. Ron has more 100,000 individual donors; thats more than the other Republicans individually. I think this gives us the lead in money on hand, including those self financed rich guys.  That really gives me hope.

No matter what happens I'm going to vote for Ron, but news like this actually makes me think we might do it.

Iowa's primary is 18 days away.  New Hampshire's is 23. I encourage everyone who reads this to register republican as soon as you can so that if you have a closed primary you can actually Vote for Ron Paul in the Primary.

Woo Hoo!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

New phrases

My head has a tummy ache. Best way to say you have a hangover

Monday, December 10, 2007

Please donate money to Ron Paul

December 16th, an anniversary of the Boston Tea Party,  there is going to be a mass donation; a Money Bomb, donated to Ron Pauls organization. At the time of this post there are more than 27 thousand other people who are pledging to donate 100$ to Ron Pauls campaign to become President.  2.7 million dollars in one day.  This will also be enough to push us over Ron Pauls request for 12 million dollars in 3 months.

This is similar to the push that was organized on November 5th that raised 4.3 million dollars for Ron Paul

There are people out there that don't believe that Ron Paul is going to make it but I would ask them how many of the other candidates have followers that are this devoted to what they believe in?

I really want Ron Paul to win because I really believe in his platform.  I don't understand how people can't.  He wants to follow the document that every American should hold dear; The Constitution.  He wants to make sure that the American dollar grows in strength. He wants us to quit funding a war that was never approved by congress and isn't what the American people want. How can people not be behind that. It is these kinds of Grassroots organizations that make me feel that the concepts that this country was founded on are still alive.

Furthermore I lack faith in the other candidates to do what I want, not do what I don't want, or to keep to the things that they say that I like.

I'm scared.  I'm scared about the way that this country is going. I'm really worried about my future; not about my own actions but the actions of others that will effect me. I think this country is going down a very bad road.  I'm worried that the actions of our politicians are going to really hurt us.  I'm also worried about the political awareness of the average person.  I think things like this are very important and I don't feel that people really care enough about them.

I wish I wasn't afraid.

I think Ron Paul will fix a number of things that I'm scared of. I'm voting for Ron Paul.  I hope that you will join the Republican party to vote for him in the primary and then again in the election if he wins the Primary.

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Ordination mix up

So apparently the organization from which I received my ordination split from the official church some time back and I'm uncertain if I was ordained before or after.  On the upside I've not actually presided over anything in a legal aspect.  On the downside I'm not certain if I'm legally ordained and I have been saying I was.

S'all sorted now.  I've reapplied.  The ULC will be sending me something official in a couple days and everything will be the way it should.