Friday, July 28, 2017

Harvard school of assassins

This dream was odd because I wasn't in it.

A young woman who looked like Emma Watson was accepted to the Harvard school for Assassins with a full scholarship. All assassins have to pick a educational discipline as a cover story for why they are at Harvard. She chose English Literature and Creative Writing. She ended up writing a couple novels and collaborated with the education and training schools to help rewrite NASAs training manuals. She was doing well in her classes but there was trouble with her dad. Her dad, who had worked 25 years in factory before being replaced by a robot, did not approve of writing as a career. He had no idea she was learning to be an assassin as well and she wasn't allowed to tell him. One Christmas her father and mother came to visit and check in on her and she and her father were having and argument about it. She was getting frustrated because she knew that if she told him what she was really doing that he'd be okay with it but she couldn't and her father was feeling upset because he didn't feel this was going to help her in the long run and he was worried for her long term well being. Meanwhile the mom was trying to smooth things over with both of them. During one particularly heated exchange there was a cough from the shadows; one of the woman's class mates and friends who for some reason was Jon Snow from Game of Thrones had been lurking to make sure she was okay. She nonchalantly signaled that he should stay hidden and eventually got her dad to leave by tearing into him and his emotional insecurities. I remember the line "Writing isn't a good job? Hows working for 25 years for people half your age only to get replace my a mindless robot who is better at your job than you were"

The dream got weird after that. One of her professors saw this and thought she was too emotional so assigned her a class with some weird monk assassin who tried to train her to calm her emotions and teach her to make tea. He was a goofy weirdo but apparently was very good at killing people and teaching.

Friday, July 7, 2017

haunting in the woods

Some friends of mine asked me and my friend Doug to come with them to search for a haunted house way out in an old forest. We geared up for spirits, ghosts, and large horrible woodland monsters and grabbed the 4x4 and drove as close as we could get to where we'd be looking. The geography prevented us from driving closer so we had to hike a bunch of stuff in. We easily found the house in the forest. The trees were not too densely packed and were large with a dense canopy that dimmed the sun. The forest was eerie; some combination of the trees and the leaves made it sound quiet and filled it with whispers. There was no road up to the house. There were no signs of civilization anywhere but here was this white two story colonial in moderately good repair. The windows were in tact but the paint was peeling in places. the rest of our friends hooted with joy at the discovery and eager went though the unlocked door into the house. Several trips were made from the vehicles to the house to bring in supplies. The house was thoroughly investigated and my friends were disappointed to find no secret passage ways or dead bodies or anything except and old forgotten home. There were no pictures on the walls and most of the furniture had been cleared out. There were plates in the kitchen, an old water pump which had good water in it, a wood burning stove. Everything was dusty. My friends and I cleaned house; everything was swept and washed. Fresh firewood was chopped for the stove and the fireplaces. It soon got dark and my friends, disappointed that they didn't find anything spooky, went to bed happy as they anticipated a enjoyable vacation in the woods. Doug and I slept less soundly. There was an odd presence here. It felt like we were being watched. We resolved ourselves to investigate further in the morning.

Dawn came and with it no surprises. Maps where laid out and inspected. There was a lake not far from us and our friends decided to hike out to it to go swimming, fishing, hiking, and hunting. Meanwhile Doug and I got to work securing the house from anything supernatural. I set down a magic circle of protection to keep thing out and Doug started inscribing runes into the windows and doors. I finally found some lesser forest spirits; the ghosts of dead old trees. They warned me that we should leave as there was a dark spirit that slept in that house and that humans in general were not welcome in this area. I assured them that we'd be leaving soon and would try not to disrupt anything. With an air of disbelief the spirit vanished. Our friends returned with fish and rabbits. Our friend Dan the hiker said he didn't feel well and was gonna turn in early. The rest of our friends were oblivious to the growing sense of tension building in the air.

The next day was when things went down hill. Doug and I woke up to shrieks and screams. One of our friends (nameless) had been possessed by a poltergeist and Dan had been possessed by a fallen tree spirit. Nameless was giggling to himself and occasionally cursing as he crawled along the walls and ceiling and Dan just floated upright a foot off the ground; his eyes coal black and head lolled to the side. The fallen tree spirit was mad at all humans because they had burned down his tree. It wasn't hard for us to convince it that Dan didn't deserve this as he was a hiker and loved the forest, so the spirit left. The poltergeist was much tougher. It was strong and didn't care about anything but tormenting people. We could hurt the poltergeist since it was borrowing our friends body but that would hurt our friend also. We had our friends distract the poltergeist as Doug and I went down to the living room and made a binding circle. Once were ready we went up to the room and all of use jumped the poltergeist and tied it to the bed and then sealed up the room hoping that boredom would get the poltergeist to discorporate which it did. Intangible the monster came at us and got trapped in the binding circle where we bound it to a rock. We buried the rock under the stone floor of the basement in a bag of salt. Our friends had lost their childlike joy for the place. We rested up and as soon as everyone was ready we left. Doug and I returned to help put the fallen tree spirit to rest and to appease the spirits of the forest. We then pledge to never come back.

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Murder at the Pit

I was in a movie with a small bit part. It was something like Journey to the center of the earth or a remake of the abyss. We were filming at an old cave that had a deep drop. I was reviewing some photography and one actress who had few images the night before suddenly had over 100,000 images. Turns out she had died by falling in the pit. Sherlock Holmes didn't think it was an accident. He decided to show up in disguise and start investigating. I was the only one who knew he was sneaking around but I didn't know what he looked like. Everyone was freaked out but trying to soldier on. Sherlock started interviewing everyone trying to find the murder and I freaked out because even though I hadn't killed the actress Sherlock always discovers something embarrassing about you and I didn't want him airing my dirty laundry. I panicked and woke up.