Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Holy Crap someone is actually reading this site

I was looking through the comments section of wordpress's  dashboard and apparently the interwebs have led what I can only assume is an extremely lost wanderer to this site and it are a discordian to boot.  Welcome Pope Eggs Benedict Arnold. I have no idea how google found us. These are the disjointed ramblings of mostly me. This site was set up so that I could keep my brain from fnording. I am Pope Zombie Bandersnatch; the Crazy Black Goat of the Contemplative Order of the Drunken Masters Cabal

The System Administrators Lament

1. I really shouldn't shoot the people who frustrate me with their incessant incomprehensible ill-informed demands.

2. I have a responsibility to help these asshats.

3. I have a pride in making sure that my systems function perfectly despite abuse from users.

4. There is always too much work to do.

5. Laugh because it is better than crying.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

I've exercised my eclesiastic muscles

I married Chris and Abby. I asked if they wanted to be married. I said words over it and sprayed them with beer. "You are now both wet for each other". I feel proud. It won't be official unless they bring me a marriage certificate and we all sign it with in 28 days.

Discordian weddings are fun.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

May the shapeless chaos from beyond the void eat you from the inside out and wear you like a suit

Can you have a fascist nation with an armed public?  If not then so long as we keep our guns and use them (let me be clear, I mean kill, literally, people with gun) should the government ever try to take them away, then we are good. I wonder how bad it can get without losing our guns.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

They started reporting the winners of the NH primary at 14%

I feel sick. I don't know what to do. I don't know why this is. I don't know how to help fix it. I don't know what is true, false, or my own hope biased opinions. Worse I can't see into the future and see what the results of this are going to be though my cynicism leads me to many horrible potential outcomes.

We have mass media setting inscrutable arbitrary standards to exclude candidates from important debates. From what I've heard the people who make the voting machines refuse to reveal the programming behind them. We have news sources reporting projections as facts.

Some part of me just wants the drink the kool-aide and go back to sleep so I can dream the American dream. Another part of me is disgusted that I could think about giving up and ashamed of such cowardly thoughts. And most of the rest of me is scared for what is going to happen in the future.

Good night.

Friday, January 4, 2008

fnords be damned

You're my little fnord pot; short and stout.
You need a handle on what life's about.
Keep yourself clean so you don't get gout.
And laugh because you cant figure it out.


If someone kills a bunch of people with an assault rifle it makes it more likely that laws will be passed to ban assault rifles. A better example is if a bunch of people fly some airplanes into a couple buildings then laws to restrict that from happening will be passed quickly to assuage the publics fear. That seems to me to indicate that Chaos promotes the creation of more laws. What if the opposite is true; that the sudden imposition of overly restrictive laws might create a resistance to them.  If the creation of law promotes chaos and the creation of chaos promotes law and I believe there is too much law then should I join some of the more fanatic law inducing organizations?

I think it is an interesting thought that the people who run ultra-evangelical organizations are trying to create chaos by imposing law.

Campaign to become the person in charge of car registration. Refuse to register cars for anyone who has any moving violations or some other wildly outrageous restriction.  Get thrown out of office and law put in place to prevent such restrictions again.

Become President of the USA. Pull all troops around the world back to the US. Declare Marshal Law citing the laws and acts that allow it. Declare that the Congress, Senate, and Judiciary branches of the FED are abolished. List off a bunch of people who are now declared Enemies of the State and have them executed without trial for passing the laws that allow this to be legal.  Remove the laws that imped social uprisings. Watch as the revolution rises and over throws you and makes laws so that this can never happen again. And just before you are executed declare yourself Ceaser and laugh at how they will remember you always as the cause of their renewed independence.

Zen Anarchist.  Zenarchist.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

My prayer

Hail Eris; full of mace!
Help us win this speed boat race!
Hurray! Lizard Shit! Fuck!

I made a new chao


It doesn't do to complete the circle

the Justified Ancients of Mummu = JAMs

"Lie down on the floor and keep calm" "It'll only hurt a bit" "This hurts me more than it hurts you" "Trust me" "I'll do what I can to help"

"The entropy of an isolated system which is not in equilibrium will tend to increase over time, approaching a maximum value at equilibrium."

"Chaos, Discord, Confusion, Bureaucracy, Aftermath"

"Misled by the pride of intellect"? really? Does that sound like "Your too smart for you're own good" or "Quit pointing out the flaws in our Religion. It makes us look like twats". The best I can see is that "your intelligence will cause you to out think yourself into inactivity".