Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Am I sane

Am I sane? How can I tell? What is sanity? What is real?


Without a frame of reference for sanity it isn’t possible to tell what is or is not insane. An individual can not by themselves determine their own mental health because the test uses the tool that the test is testing.


The logical conclusion is that you must have a sane person test you. However if you are insane how can you accurately judge if the person or persons you get to test you are themselves sane.


Trust itself breaks down as it is realized that the effected person is incapable of making a decision. This is where the true dangers of insanity lie. The person believing now that they can’t make a good decision must question everything they previous held true.  This only leads to bigger problem once it is realized that they can’t trust the choices they make while reviewing their former beliefs.


The subject is now paranoid.  At this point even certified therapists are unable to help the person because the affected person doesn’t trust that they are there to help. They have lost any sort of connection to the outside world all because they can’t trust themselves.


Trust of ones self must there for be the basis for a sane mind though that can never be proven given the nature of the judgment.


To sum up; Sanity is much like faith in a god who’s presence you can’t prove. No one is able to tell you that god does or does note exist much like they can’t prove that a person is sane or insane.

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