Sunday, May 27, 2007

The fox's offering is taken at 5.

I have found the place where one can see the Erisian mysteries, and perhaps the face of Goddess herself, on the world wide web, and I am here to tell my pilgrims how they can have the same revelation.

First, you must have a Google account (who doesn't these days). Not neccessarily a GMail account, just a generic Google account. You know, the account that let's Google track every search you submit, every web page you visit, which restaurants you go too, what your breakfast was this morning, etc. Then, set up your individualized Google page, so that they can learn even more about your preferences. Finally, change the theme to Tea Room. Now you too may witness the glories of Goddess as she accepts an offering from her tiny, two-dimensional vulpine worshiper at the holy hour.

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