Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Todays critical thought about Ron Paul

Is Ron selling me fear from a direction I am more willing to accept? At what point does informing a person of the hideous place they inhabit switch from information to terrorizing? Is the Government as fucked up as I’m being told? How can I trust the people I’ve learn to distrust?


One of the faults that I believe I have is that I have a tendency to self-indoctrinate. I probably wouldn’t trust someone else trying to convince me of something but I am willing to listen to myself; both good and bad.  I find something that I believe very strongly in and use that belief to help me ignore faults in the thing. I don’t mean to do this and I’m not sure how to correct it. My only certainty is that this is bad and needs correcting.


It is for this reason that I need people to give me their honest views on my beliefs so that I can try to determine the validity of their argument and the validity of mine.


Towards that end I have to say that I am pro-choice.  I do not consider an unborn baby a person; they are unborn. It is my belief that a fetus is closer to a parasite than a person.


Those being my beliefs I have to say I disagree with Ron Paul and his platform of Pro-Life. As I do not consider a fetus a person, I am concerned that Ron Paul is not for protecting my ability to choose.


That being said I feel that his specific wording is that he doesn’t think the federal government should support abortions or rule on the legality of them; both things I can get behind. He would have that turned over to the States.  That means that I would have the ability to go to a state that supports my belief in the freedom of choice and would allow “me” to have an abortion of an unwanted fetus.

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