Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Evil Bastardry

At what point do you, having realized that you are a deviously insane evil bastard, slit your own throat to prevent you from ruling every cretinous dip-shit that dare walk your planet?

Do others see the world of possibilities that exist out there; the little lines of influence and control, or are their eyes clouded? Do they refuse to see?

A twitch here and a tug there and the whole world spins a different way.

I love playing Vampire.  Intelligence, problem solving, social manipulation, conspiracy, story telling, deceit, back stabbing, and vast amounts of gut wrenching bastardry leading to the enjoyment of all. The only downside is that it leaves me giggling maniacally to myself late at night when these horribly wicked and brain hurting ideas come to me. Though I do enjoy them. }:)

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