Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The Saga of the Moving Zombie

I moved to a new place; an apartment in the same apartment complex but 5 buildings down. With Gene's help I moved Grandma Snyder's lion claw table, the couch, and my bed. I moved everything else in three days. Saturday night, when I could have been out with my friends or my not quite girl friend, after 12 hours of moving, sore and tired, I got in my car to go get some toilet paper when I backed out of my spot and ran into someone. The whole weekend sucked but I accomplished quite a lot. I got a lot of exercise and have lost 5 pounds. I'm in a clean and wonderful apartment and just need to unpack, organize, and toss out the useless junk.

I moved down 5 buildings to 2311. Hail Eris.

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