Sunday, May 23, 2010

the weird world of employment

April 30th: I got shot down for my old workstation support position. It was later revealed that my old team lead was the only person that didn't want me back. It was horribly depressing. Silver lining he has had to explain to his Boss why he didn't hire the person she wanted for the job. I also got told of a job at The Company Hospital that my contracting agency wanted to put me up for.

May 3rd: My contracting agency called me up and told me that The Company wanted to talk to me and could I do an interview tuesday the 3rd. I accepted a 9am interview.

May 4rd: I had the interview and felt that I did poorly on the technical aspect but that I turn it around in the social part. I didn't feel that I was going to get the job

May 5th: My contracting agency let me know that there was another job on the horizon and that it might not be necessary because the team lead at The Company liked me and was trying to convince his manager to hire me.

May 6th: I was offered the job at The Company.

May 7th: Off to zombieville to sign paperwork to get the job.

May 10th-11th get tested to prove I have all my shots.

May 12th First day of work

May 19th first direct deposit hit my bank account Woo Hoo!

May 23rd realize that I haven't updated my journal about all this shit.

I've been a real wreck. Socially and Psychologically it has been grueling. I don't want to work but I don't want to be unemployed. I'm settling into work and am getting things done. The fun thing is that the job is a contract gig and the contract is up at the end of June! I might not have a job after that which is scary. They can reup me and that is my hope. We'll see what happens

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