Wednesday, April 19, 2017

dream a little dream

a girl died due to the perfectly legal indirect actions of 7 people and myself. unfortunately the girl was related to a voodoo queen. she cursed us and all sorts of unfortunate things started happening to us; flat tires, broken dishes, lost items, bad traffic, annoyances. One of the people, a real pompous prick of a doctor, called us all to his office. It was a big office but kind of old; like it would have been really impressive 20 years ago. He was that annoying kind of prick that is aggravatingly right about things and a condescending dick about it. he sits us all down and starts trying to convince everyone that we need to go "get her". as he is talking it starts storming out. as he keeps talking the storm gets worse; strong winds, torrential rain, and thunderous lightening. Oddly as the storm outside gets stronger his arguments and peoples reactions get less elegant. eventually they are all resolved to just walk out into the storm and track her down and make her break the curse. none of this sounded like a good idea to me. I tried to convince them that it was a bad idea. For one thing we had no idea where she was and it was really hellish out there. in fact this was another part of the curse. their eyes got a dull sullen look to them and actually looked a little orange around the iris. I refused to go and they were angry at me but didn't threaten me. they belittled me, mocked me, and tried to pressure me to go but I refused. they all left, walking out into the rain. they all got struck by lightening or hit by cars or washed away by the storm

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