Thursday, December 27, 2007

I understand now

I've heard Jews commiserate about Christmas time out shining Hanukkah and being so pervasive that they can't get away from it. I didn't really think about it but having just gone through Christmas and not being a christian I think I can understand. There is this sense that they are unknowingly shoving their religion down your throat. I find the fervor with which some  pray disconcerting if not disturbing.  Some seem to include me along with their prayer as in "God, we all hope that you will ..." or "Thank you so much for <variable> us". I find it difficult not to speak up and express myself but I think in some places it might get me lynched.  "Actually I'm not sure God did anything for me regarding that and I'm certain that we brought ourselves together with out any divine aide" might just be recorded as my last words.

It kinda gives me this dead feeling inside like "Oh we're praying again are we?". I understand why they do it if it brings them comfort but that level of dependence says something about a person. It's just creepy.

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