Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Who are Ron Paul Supporters?

I'm a 29 year old Systems Administrator from Kentucky with a Computer Science degree from UK. I'm single and not any particular religion. I was a registered Democrat but switched to Republican so I could vote in the primaries for Ron Paul.

I'm concerned that well financed special interests will lobby for more laws eroding freedom, that we will lose our sovereignty to foreign governments like the UN, that socialization of necessary services will bankrupt the lower and middle classes, and that our fiat money system is headed toward collapse making this country weak.

I've donated $400 to Ron Paul in the hopes that he will remove the laws that are preventing people from governing themselves. I want to make the choice as to how my money is spent and who gets it. I'm tired of lying politicians scaring people into giving away my freedom for the illusion of their safety. I want what everyone of us wanted when we were teenagers; to be responsible for myself and free to make my own decisions. I want to live my life the way I want to not how people who don't know me want me to.

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