Friday, January 4, 2008


If someone kills a bunch of people with an assault rifle it makes it more likely that laws will be passed to ban assault rifles. A better example is if a bunch of people fly some airplanes into a couple buildings then laws to restrict that from happening will be passed quickly to assuage the publics fear. That seems to me to indicate that Chaos promotes the creation of more laws. What if the opposite is true; that the sudden imposition of overly restrictive laws might create a resistance to them.  If the creation of law promotes chaos and the creation of chaos promotes law and I believe there is too much law then should I join some of the more fanatic law inducing organizations?

I think it is an interesting thought that the people who run ultra-evangelical organizations are trying to create chaos by imposing law.

Campaign to become the person in charge of car registration. Refuse to register cars for anyone who has any moving violations or some other wildly outrageous restriction.  Get thrown out of office and law put in place to prevent such restrictions again.

Become President of the USA. Pull all troops around the world back to the US. Declare Marshal Law citing the laws and acts that allow it. Declare that the Congress, Senate, and Judiciary branches of the FED are abolished. List off a bunch of people who are now declared Enemies of the State and have them executed without trial for passing the laws that allow this to be legal.  Remove the laws that imped social uprisings. Watch as the revolution rises and over throws you and makes laws so that this can never happen again. And just before you are executed declare yourself Ceaser and laugh at how they will remember you always as the cause of their renewed independence.

Zen Anarchist.  Zenarchist.

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