Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Rational Business Practice or Hyper Paranoia

So RAID 5 backed up hourly and daily to other hard drives. Weekly backups to tape and off siteing of those tapes to a underground location that maintains security and environmental conditions. Spreading your data storage devices to other buildings so that fire/earthquake/tornado/ect. has less of a chance to take your data. 24 hour by 7 days a week hardware, software and network support to make sure that if anything fails it can be replaced quickly while a redundant process takes over.

And these fuckers want more protection?! What the fucking crap! Calm the hell down you paranoid bastard sons of bitches!

Seriously. Some corporate god up on high decided that we need to consolidate the practical outcome of which is that I have some new customers that I didn't pick nor approve of and am not allowed to get rid of. They want a primary and secondary person that they can get hold of at any time and a rigid overly redundant system of responsibilities so that if anything goes wrong they can know exactly who to blame. The biggest problem I have with this, besides the ass-hattery of their blame game, is that we don't have a 24x7 system and I don't feel we ought to put one in place just for a bunch of back-stabbing jerks that were forced on us.

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