Friday, March 7, 2008

an amalgum of crap

I had my yearly performance. I got a 1.5 outta 4 which is damn near perfect. I got a good raise. Work sucks and some part of me really just wants to go back to my old job even if it means losing the new pay.

Ron Paul is out of the race almost nearly officially maybe. How is it that a year ago we had like 20 people running for president and now there are three? How are less choices better?

I think the clowns that did my last tune up didn't do it right. My gas mileage is sucking. that'll be expensive and annoying.

I'm putting on weight so I'm going to the exercise room at the apartment complex but that is a misnomer; I've been like three times and that's hardly going to help. I ought to go more but I'm so damn lazy.

Meh. Hungry.

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