Monday, March 17, 2008

Well here's fun

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2. I am now a perspective juror. I'll be going into the pool late April. I kinda doubt that a Discordian like me is going to get past the screening process but I think it'd be interesting to see the legal process from that angle. The handbook I found on the web suggests I wear comfortable clothes that are fitting of the serious and dignity of the proceedings; so I'm thinking flip flops, gym shorts, and my Chang Beer tank top. :)

3. I had a third one but it's gone now, so I will replace it with I'm Awesome. Thursday was Jamie's Birthday, Friday was the tux fittings for Stoppers wedding and he took us out, Saturday was Rocky Horror, Sunday was Sara's birthday, today is St. Patrick's Day
and tomorrow out to be the Tuesday game. If I can find a reason to drink Wednesday I'll have drunk every night for a week. I swear I graduated college.

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