Monday, June 2, 2008

Back to step one

Well my pessimism was well founded.  I teched out at a 2 instead of a 3 which means that I can't have the tech 3 job.  However there is a tech 2 job open for third shift that I think would be fine.  Down side is that they aren't interested in flying me down there to interview for that position which means that if they want to interview me for that position I'll have to fly down there on my own dime, but that isn't a guarantee that I'll get the job. This is depressing but not unexpected. I still want outta here and now is the time.  I'm having the recruiter talk to the manager to see if we can do a phone screening before I spend a bunch of money to get down there and have them tell me no.  If the manager bites then I'll pay to fly down there and crash on John's couch.

If this fails I'm going back to support here  one way or the other.


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