Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Step three!

Okay. The face to face interview is over. They flew me down Thursday night of the 12th and the Interview was at 2pm Friday the 13th (a bad sign?). I rolled around Morrisville and looked at Crosstimbers apartments. 875 sq feet for 700$ a month; not bad. The manager interview went awesome. The technical interview went poorly. They asked me a bunch of questions I didn't know the answer too. I tried my best but still don't feel I did well. Hopefully I tech out at 2 and can get the job. Now is the time of the waiting. I hate waiting

Meanwhile Lexmark is still lexmark; kinda crappy with promises of crappier later.

I really hate waiting. It is a never ending waiting and checking for information about something that is very central to your life. It's like waiting to find out if you have cancer.

If they make me an offer I'm gone.

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