Monday, August 25, 2008

I've requit

After the horrible debockle of this weekend I've come to a greater appreciation for how happy I was at my old job and so I have re-quit.   I'll be moving back to Karen's Team.  Karen's okay with it, Walt is okay with it, Kelly is okay with it, Erin is okay with it and I'll be happy again so I'll be okay with it.  I won't even miss the money. Every time I start to miss the money I'll remember the stress I no longer have and the ability to relax that I've regained and everything will be okay.

The moral of this story is that just because people think the bigger job with the more money and increased responsibilities is what you ought to do doesn't mean they are right. Just because they are trapped in a cycle of pointless careerism and are striving to do more doesn't mean I should also. Happiness and personal well being is more important to me than following the societal pressures to do stuff that causes me stress and makes me contemplate killing myself.

Yeah I thought about it in a sort of hap-hazard way. The stress is that bad.  Don't worry.  I'm okay now.  I'm taking care of the problem and will be alright.

Now I will hopefully have enough energy after work to get in better shape.  Maybe start dating again. Daydream. Write. Make Art.

Who Knows. The World is my oyster and I'm starting to get hungry again.

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