Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Thats all I can take

Well I sorta quit today.

I called up my old boss and asked if she had a job opening. She did and told me to talk to my current boss and see if it was cool if I changed jobs. I talked to my current boss and told him I'm fried and that my old boss had a job opening. He told me that he'll need to work out some sort of deal with the old boss for support coverage but that he knew I'd been struggling to keep it together. He told me he hated to see me go and thanked me for my work. It is pretty much a sure thing that I'll get a job with my old boss.

The pay loss is gonna be pretty bad. I also feel kinda crappy about not being able to cope but I think I was being asked to work to hard; not only for the pay but just personally.

However I'll only be doing 1 job for the money instead of 5. If you look at it by percentage then this is awesome. Mostly the reason I'm doing this is that I won't have the stress or the demand. 40 hours, 8 to 5 and not a bit more. The money is great for the job and the work is very easy. I'm depressed but i'll get over that and the first month of good sleep and I'll be great.

Hail Eris

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