Monday, December 8, 2008

... And the world lets out a sigh of relief.

My best friend is no longer having his wedding in Vegas thanks to the Depression.  Truth be told I'm relieved.  The prospect of throwing a bachlor party in vegas was concerning me.  I had already started saving to make sure that I could get everyone to all the places I wanted to go. It looked really expensive but I was determined to do it right. Now I'm not looking down the barrel of a major expendature which is cool.  Not that I wouldn't have gladdly done it; this is my best friend I'm talking about here, but I'm also glad I don't have to also.

Furthermore I would also feel like drinking a lot if I were in Vegas; it brings it out of me.  I have a tendency to behave poorly, do very unhealthy things, and thrash myself. I'm getting to old for that any more. I'm cresting 30 and my body doesn't like getting rediculously drunk any more. I get hangovers; headaches, mild stomach problem, and mud butt; all things that I never got even 5 years ago. It sorta bums me out. I used to be able to stay out all night, drink like a fish, function like a sober person, and get up the next day like nothing happened and do it all again that night. Now I have to drink a bunch of water, wash down some asprin, and eat certain comfort foods to function. It's not all bad.  Not drinking is cheaper, I feel better, and I can sorta accept that part of my life as over.

Strangely I am entering a sorta monastic period. Go to work, come home to a quiet and contemplative dinner, maybe go out to visit with friends or stay home and meditate/exercise/stretch. It's peaceful. It makes me content. It also keeps me out of trouble and saves money.

Who knows which way the world is rowing.

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