Thursday, December 18, 2008

Yes I'm going to talk about it again.

So exactly when did I sign anything that said I consented to be governed by anyone.  It couldn't have been during the first 17 years of my life as this government would not accept my word as legal until I was 18.  It must have been then; when I turned 18, that the government failed to inform me that they inferred my not leaving this country as a legally binding contract that I would follow all their bullshit rules.  I won't waist time saying they can't do that. Of course they can do that.  They have a lot of guns and are willing to assault, kidnap and extort money out of me for as long as they like if I don't do as they say and the only thing I can do about it given the overwhelming odds is shut up or get beaten, kidnapped,  and thieved from.

I have never been the only authority that governed over me.  When I was small I governed over by my parents, teachers, and city, state and federal governments (yes I'm amused that there were 5 authorities). When I went to college I was governed by the University and by local, state and federal governments.  Now I am governed by my company, local, state, and federal governments.

I have never been the only authority to govern myself. How different am I then when I was a small child?  How has the source of the authority I'm governed by changed since I became an adult?

Is there no option but to take on the authorities while chanting Non Servium? Would leaving this country really help?

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