Tuesday, December 19, 2006

The Book of Sudden Revelations

I want you to imagine that for a good portion of your life, more than half, you have emulated the doctrine of a cult without ever having talked to a single member or heard a single sermon. Think about it; you've followed a religion, cult, organization, Krazy Kool-aid Klub without ever realizing it.  What do you think that means.  Personally I think it means that even though it is a joke of a religion, or a religion that is a joke, Discordianism resonates with some part of my soul. I have always found great fun in confusing my friends and making them think or, bare minimum, annoying the piss out of them if they didn't think. I don't know if I could be just a Discordian; stop my religious journey and be a full time follower of Discord, but I think that is okay because I think that if you devoted all your time to it then you wouldn't be following it.

This leads me to my next observation; I am really an odd duck. I practice Buddhist meditation, am apparently a Discordian, and still believe in God though not in institutionalised religion. Suddenly after writing that out I feel mentally exhausted and in need of a padded room, some serious drugs, and some people to look at me through a tiny window. I probably ought to cut back on caffeine.

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