Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Particularly pesky parts persuaded to perform perfectly

My iPod died. Specifically the hard drive in my iPod died. All it does now is make clicking noises. So after I drowned my sorrows in beer, and well after I tried everything I could think of to get it to work again, I started looking into how I could repair it. Thankfully the Internet provided a wealth of instructional material. Now all I have to do is buy the replacement hard drive, very carefully open the case on theiPod , swap the drive, put it back together again, and configure it. In doing this I can even get a bigger hard drive, by capacity not size, than was initially installed.

The point of this blerb is to point out one of the reasons I like technology and my grasp over it compared to other people. A normal cabbage (non-thinking person) might lament the failing of his toy and go buy a new one for quite a lot of money. An almost not cabbage might try to get his toy fixed for slightly less than the previous cabbage. But they will ignore the possibility that they themselves could fix their toy on their own and that while they were at it they could upgrade their toy to an even better toy. I love that technology can rise to meet my needs. I love that the only thing really standing in my way to whatever I want is a smallmodicum of money, some thought and effort. It makes me wonder if the other things work that way too.

How perfect would the world be if a small amount of money, though, and effort were all that you needed to get what you wanted? What if the world is that way already?

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