Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Paper chain of though

All authority is based off the strength to enforce it. We are taught that might doesn't make right.  So since might doesn't make right or preclude it,  the strength of the authority should not be what we base our opinions of its moral or ethical value on.  However no matter if an authority is right or wrong it is still based off strength and so is best avoided. Whoever the authority is they are most likely not you and, in being not you, will have differing opinions on right and wrong.  If those opinions are too different you will end up fined, jailed, or dead. If you wish to be around people and wish to deal with an authority that is as close to you as possible then I suggest a commune that you control admission to.  Other than that you must learn to deal with stupid cabbages, accept being arrest, fined, jailed or deaded, or accept living by yourself on a mountain far away.

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