Tuesday, January 23, 2007

I am in my Angry Dome

I am performing the duties of a Windows admin and a Network Engineer because they fired our windows admin and someone had to pick up the slack. They are interviewing for the position of windows admin but the person in charge of making the decision isn't happy with the selection he's gotten. I was told informally by the person who is in charge of making the decision that he would like to hire me. I talked with my contracting company and was told that my current employer inside my company would have to okay it so as not to break a "No Poaching" rule. My current manager will not allow me to leave because she isn't sure that she would be allowed to replace me and isn't sure if she could replace me even if she was allowed to look for someone.

I am not being allowed to advance in my chosen career because of politics and bureaucracy. Not because there isn't a position. Not because there is someone better. Not because I'm not qualified. Not because someone doesn't want to hire me specifically. I'm not getting something that would be better for me and my company because of politics and bureaucracy.

I am upset.

May Eris curse their thumbs, cuss their thumbs, and crust their thumbs.

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