Wednesday, January 17, 2007

License to print money

Go look at and check out the products. I'd like to you read up and understand what their products are and what they do.

Do you understand what they are? I saw one of these machines at my work and it looked sleak and cool so i wanted to know more about it. I wrote the name of the device on my hand and, when I found a moment, looked it up. It's a coffee maker; you probably got that, but I can't tell why it's special. I thought it was an espresso maker, but nothing on the website leads me to believe that's true. I think it is just a coffee maker that instead of the normal drip method uses sub boiling water and a mild pressure. Okay so that does kinda sound like a espresso maker but the lack of high pressure still makes it coffee.

The thing that gets me is the base model of the maker is 70$! 70$ for a freaking coffee machine. So I thought to myself wow that is really expensive for a personal coffee machine; heck I've got a one cup maker that cost between 10$ and 15$. 70$ for a coffee maker that doesn't give me a blow job with my cup of coffee is so expensive that I'm surprised they sell and I wonder about the mental state of a person willing to pay that much for same.

The next bit is the "coffee pods". Thats the nice way of saying "coffee
grounds in a flat circular tea bag". There is every flavor in the rainbow. Every weird concoction you could possibly find at your local Four Bucks coffee chain. I looked at the price for those expecting that I might find a savings that would justify this non-blowjob giving 70$ coffee machine. If you figure the number of "pods" per bag for the price plus shipping and handeling you are still talking about 2$ for a cup of coffee. Madness! I looked at the cheap stuff; you know, basic black coffee flavored coffee, and that is still about 1.20$ + shipping and handeling.

What the crap is this. It's coffee. That's all it is. It is a staple. Why are their people who are willing to pay that much for coffee? I just don't get it.

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