Thursday, February 19, 2009

short ones

I was in the shambala center during sitting meditation. I was one of maybe 15 people in the room, meditating, when the door opened up and a man with a gun walked in. Everyone in the room turned and looked at him as he raised the weapon but he had no sooner done that then I smoothly and quickly rose, pushed the gun out of the way of everyone, and jabbed him in the throat with my fingers. What followed was a very short fight of maybe three punches; the man mostly trying to bring the gun to bear and me striking him with great force in a way that seemed oddly genital. In the end the man was disarmed, on the ground, unconscious and barely breathing. Through out the whole process my face never lost the peaceful look it had while I was meditating. People were appalled and scared by my actions; that I decided to do what I did so quickly and did so so efficiently that the man with the gun never got a shot off and was now lying in a heap and might die from the injuries I gave him. They grudgingly thanked me for saving them. I then returned to my seat and sat down to continue meditating which horrified them more.

My friend Will and I were playing an RTS game. It seemed that though there were little fights neither of us seemed very interested in destroying each other completely. We declared a truce while we went to get food and go to the bathroom. As we returned a loud klaxon went off warning us that hostiles were entering my airspace. Some other friends of ours had logged into our server and were now sending wave after wave of war machines that were far more advanced than anything that Will or I had and far more numerous then both of us combined. My defense, which had been sufficient until just now were no match for the onslaught. I could only impotently watch as their force quickly dispatched everything I had tried so hard to build without losing anything themselves. I remembering being very angry, nearly violently so, about this as my friends who had done this laughed contemptuously. I woke up.

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