Wednesday, February 18, 2009


I dreamed a lot last night.

I had a ticket, that looked like a movie ticket stub, for an airline which I had in the front pouch of my gray pull over. My friends and I were in a jungle crawling across downed trees, through rivers, and under dark tropical canopies all trying to get to the airport. I threw away my gray pull over in a rushing river and it was eaten by alligators or something. We made it to the airport which was strangely decorated with a combination of 1970's futuristic purplely green motif and jungle themes. The whole airport was a large as the mall of america and just a confusing. Everyone else got to go straight to the airplanes but because I lost my ticket I had to sneak in. This was managed by going to various place and crossing through them casually making use of back doors that let me into shops, restaurants and play houses. In all of this my clothes became a very nice and comfortable suit; dark but with colorful accents. I found my friends in a plush tiered waiting area that resembled a opera house. The Asian stewardess saw me sit down with my friends and asked me for my ticket. I nervously explained that lost it but that I had purchased one. I asked if she could look it up as I had all my identification. She told me the flight was leaving soon but that if we hurried she might be able to help. We ran faster than a human could ever possibly do, her in her uniform and me in my tux like suit, to sort the matter out. We arrived at a round room open to the sky in the mountains that was surrounded on one side by rapids and a waterfall on the other. The floor was covered in a tatami mats and was ringed by plants and mist. The air was warm, the sun was bright but not glaring and there was very little noise which seemed odd given the rapids and waterfall. It was very peaceful here and the low seats around would make it a great place to meditate. The stewardess turned with concern etched on her face saying that she just brought up my ticket information but that the plane was leaving and there was nothing she could do. I told here I would have to "Go Back" and tell her to make sure to hold the plane. I then started to rewind my life kinda like Nick Cage did in Next, back to the point that the stewardess was about to take me to check on my ticket info. As I was about to ask her to make sure that the plane didn't leave while we were checking I realized I could just rewind to the point where I threw away my gray pull over and take the ticket out first and keep it. The dream ended.

I was at a big covered pavilion with hoards of my friends eating a large amount of food and drinking beer. I was having a great time swapping stories, eating and drinking, when I realized that it was time I got going. I told people I had to leave. There was a groan of disappointed acceptance from my friends as I stood. My friend Will came over and shook my hand and gave me a friendly hug. My friend Jamie came over and gave me a hug and a sloppy kiss on the cheek. I started to make my way out from the pavilions waving and smiling to my friends that said good bye as I walked past. Armed with a walking stick and a backpack I looked out across the grassy turf at the mountains. I realized I was somewhere in Mongolia but that seemed perfectly normal. I got a few hundred feet away from the pavilions and then a bolt of lightening struck me. That was how I traveled. A bolt of lightening would strike me picking me up and then a bolt of lightening would strike my destination dropping me off. It scared my friends and I returned to let them know that it was okay and then I left by lightening bolt again. Dream ends.

There were two others that woke me up panting. I remember that I was chasing something or being chased but can't remember much about them. They weren't scary but weren't good.

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