Tuesday, February 17, 2009

that was an interesting dream

I was at work and everything in the room, my clothes included, burst into flame but I didn't burn. I left the office and as I walked things caught fire. I went down stairs and outside and found that everything that could burn within about 10 feet of me just caught fire. Once I left an area the fire was free to burn itself out. It was kinda like everything within 10 feet of me was suddenly at it's autoignition temperature regardless of the material. I just felt mildly warm. Fire bursting out around me as I walked, I noticed I was naked, my clothes having long ago burnt to ash. I was a little embarrassed but these were strange circumstances. I walked downtown along the roads to minimize damage and walked to the site of the center point project. I walked into the dirt space and sat down so that I wouldn't burn anything else.

The dream ended. I was left with an uncertain feeling not knowing how my situation was going to turn out. This reminds me of another dream I've been having.

Normally I discover that in a localized area I am totally beyond reproach. Absolutely nothing can be done that I don't expressly permit within an area of about 30 to 40 feet around me. Furthermore I am capably of willing things into being; I'm able to grow plants and trees, create or dissipate clouds, bring forth water and create food and goods. I discover that things I create in my area last outside of it if they are a natural thing; simple items I create, and wounds or conditions that I heal, remain even after they leave my domain. I travel to the barren Center Point Project area and turn it into a lush garden/park full of flowers, trees, bushes, grass and a pond. The air is warm and fresh and blows gently. I am dressed in loose shorts only, bare foot, with a body that is far better sculpted than my current one. It is my prerogative to rest here in my utopia while people outside of it hammer on invisible walls and try desperately to gain access or attract my attention. I have a sense that the people outside start off curious but quickly get angry as I ignore their requests and demands. They incorrectly think I am not suppose to be there, that they are my authority, and that I should do as I say. It strikes me that this is as silly as claiming that blue is red and their wrathful and petulant demands are not offensive. The area around me is cordoned off but my location makes it difficult; they can't just wall it up for blocks around me.

Months go by. Military people and scientists maintain a perimeter and try to study and communicate with me. Now that the initial strangeness is over, I decide to make contact. I walk up to the only scientist on observation duty and address her. She is shocked that this is happening and quickly tries to alert others. I wait and soon a panel of lab coats are there. I request to speak with the person that I first talked to. After they realize I won't speak to anyone else she is hastily brought. I ask if she would like to speak to me in my garden. After a tentative yes, the barrier they constructed around me becomes permeable just in front of her and, accepting a hand I proffer, she is pulled through to the shock and consternation of the other scientists and military authority. I tell her I am only here for a short time, maybe a decade or so, and that I am willing to help people out as I like, I am even willing to listen to short petitions but that the world will have to accept that what I decide is final.

I heal a number of people making them whole and healthy, I create a certain amounts of valuable materials for use in the outside world and I speak with a great number of people. I am somewhat vexed though when I discover that the authorities are filtering who comes to me and that a large amount of greed and corruption are forming around me. I request that the authorities put an end to this but they are incapable or unwilling.

They prove that they wish to control me even when it is proven that they can't. I ask for a live news feed to the world, give my first and last press conference condemning anyone who has tried to abuse the gift I was trying to offer, suggest that if people wish to live in a utopia they can't let those who are like that lead, and then I vanish from this world.

My garden remains. No one can enter. It remains unspoiled forever.

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