Friday, June 11, 2010


I really don't like any political party because I don't feel that my interests are protected by them. I don't care who is in charge because no matter who has the reins they seem to care about my opinion and they won't care if I express it ( I have sent many many letters to my congressmen and representatives only to be ignored). I recognize that while our government is far from good it is still much much better than anywhere else but that realization doesn't fix any issues. I do not feel that I am in charge of my life, free, so long as there is an authority out there that will pay people to beat me up if i don't do what they say.

That having been said I don't feel that I could or would want to live completely apart from everyone and everything. I like the internet. I like my friends. I like city water, sewage, and power. I like movies and books. I want some things that I can't make. I want the things I need to make the things I can make. I should pay for the things that I want, need, and use ultimately by my own effort. If I have a job and earn money I should be able to accomplish what I want.

I think my issue is that I am disgruntled by my perceptions of how much money I am being forced to pay versus my perception of the benefit I receive.

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