Monday, June 14, 2010

Make the world a better place one laugh at a time


I first watched this years ago. It made me laugh and feel good. Prompted by nothing some time later I found myself roaming the halls of my work place and laughing to the point of tears for no reason; the looks on the faces of random people in the halls was enough to keep the laughter going.

I found the video again recently, watched it and laughed again. A little kicking around in Google found medical papers that say that laughter lowers stress and blood pressure and boosts your immune system. There is a yoga practice based around laughing and breathing.

From laughter comes joy, from joy comes peace, from peace comes love. Does it matter where the laughter came from?

With this in mind I walked around my new place of work, looked people full in the face and smiled. Everyone smiled back. I started laughing as I walked and people would smile when they saw that.

Smile a while for when you smile another smiles and then there are miles and miles of smiles because you smiled.

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