Sunday, June 13, 2010

Karate Kid and A-Team

Watched both movies this weekend.

A-Team is a pretty solid summer action flick. I don't feel that they abused my childhood which I think might be the highest praise I can lay upon a movie that takes something from my young and brings it into this century.

Karate kid was very well done. Almost all the elements from the Original are here and are masterful put together. Personally I feel that the acting was very well done. Jackie Chan shows that he has a great depth of acting range which is nothing less than I would expect from an actor of his caliber. The surprise is that Jaden Smith can act also. True he is portraying a kid which shouldn't be a stretch for him but he is actually able to cry on command when his mentor and friend reveals his pain. Excellent acting combined with the amazing filming location made a great movie. It was kind of a shot gun tourism ad for china; Great Wall, Olympic village, Wudang, the Forbidden City, Beijing; amazing shots you can't get anywhere else. I only have a couple of questions for this movie. What happened to the kid from the early part of the movie; the blonde white kid? He just sorta up and vanished from the plot early on and never came back. The other thing I missed was an element from the original that didn't make it to this version. At the end of the original Mr Miagi and the Instructor from the rival martial artist fight. It was an awesome scene that I was looking forward to in this movie. They just didn't do it. They skipped it sorta. The other masters students all bowed and showed respect to little dre and the evil master looked on shocked that they did so. Then Mr Han and his pupil walk of in to a freeze frame. You have Jackie Chan on the pay-roll and you don't give him an opportunity to kick the butt of the guy you've expertly set up as his evil counter-part? really? I realize that it might not have been necessary in this rather long movie to have that scene play out but I still felt jipped. Over all a good movie that showed respect to its original and kicked it's butt at the same time.

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